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netX Communicationmodule in HAT format


The netHAT plug-in module expands an ordinary Raspberry Pi® by a netX access, which allows an exchange of user data between a Pi application and real-time Ethernet networks via the two RJ45 plugs. The module is compatible with the Hardware Attached on Top (HAT) specifi cation of Raspberry’s GPIO connector. Pi and netHAT communicate via the 125 MHz high-speed SPI interface. The protocol software in the module can optionally be integrated into the networks PROFINET, EtherNet/IP or EtherCAT as a simple I/O device. The driver confi guration decides which software is loaded while launching the module.


Due to preconfigured stacks, specific knowledge for commissioning is not required. You can focus on your application and the PLC programming. To change the fieldbus protocol just load a different Firmware, the application remains unchanged, adaption is not necessary. With the netX chip technology Hilscher has been one of the leadings companies in the indsutrial communication market for many years. Hilscher now continues the success story of the Raspberry Pi® with the new plug-in module netHAT.


  • PI as an I/O Device to a PLC
  • Compatible with Raspberry PI® 2+3, Zero®
  • PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT fi rmware
  • Input and output data confi gured with 32 bytes
  • With device description fi les, drivers and examples